Opportunities for Education

We all know that the field of records and information management continues to evolve as technological developments affect and alter the ways that we access, use, preserve, and manage information. ARMA, ARMA's Mid-Atlantic Region, and the Diamond State Chapter offer a variety of ways for their members to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to handle these new challenges in records and information management. Conferences, seminars and webinars, certification programs, certificates, and presentations by industry experts are just a few of the options available to you as a member of the Diamond State Chapter.

Diamond State Chapter Resources

  • Monthly Breakfast Meetings and Speakers offer opportunities to network with other records and information management (RIM) professionals and hear from experts on such topics as data privacy, new software products, the latest records and information management techniques, as well as personal organization and tips for being a better manager
  • The Facet newsletter expands upon topics presented at our monthly meetings
  • The Library Corner, a monthly feature in The Facet, offers links to a variety of Internet resources of interest to RIM professionals
  • The Diamond State Chapter's Annual INFO Seminar offers a full-day meeting on current RIM topics. At the March 2010 INFO XXVIII seminar, internationally known records management expert John Montaña presented "Legal Issues Affecting Your Records/Information Management Program and the Bottom Line".

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ARMA International & Regional Resources


  • ARMA International's Learning Center offers numerous opportunities for professional development, including webinars, online courses and new publications, as well as information about certification and skills assessments.
  • ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region offers information about educational opportunities throughout the region, including the regional Certified Records Manager (CRM) and Leadership seminars.

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Certified Records Manager (CRM) Programs


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Other Records & Information Management Associations and Organizations

Degree Programs

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To Learn More

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Have a New Education Program?

Diamond State Chapter is in the process of compiling a list of degree programs, certification programs, and certificates, and we are especially interested in informaton about online programs. If you would like to contribute information about any of these types of programs, please contact us.